Casino without wager

This post is about no deposit casinos without wager. Was it possible to get a no wager casino bonus in 2020, and is that possible in 2021? Read the review to the end, and get the answers to these questions. If you really want to make money from gambling, it is worth creating your own casino using online casino software.

Any gambler with minimal experience seeks no deposit casino bonuses for registration without wager. Such gifts were popular a few years ago, when online gambling was just beginning to develop on the web. Owners of new casinos generously gave out gifts and did everything possible to attract new users, ready to part with their cash. Is it possible nowadays?

What is a wager?

Do you think a no deposit casino without a wager has opened its virtual doors today and is waiting for you eagerly? You are greatly mistaken. If before the owners of gambling establishments did everything possible and impossible to attract new players, now everything is much easier. Newcomers are happy to register themselves and lose their money. Tricky marketing moves that online casino affiliates use to lure inexperienced users to gambling resources. 

Do you think it’s true? You are being cruelly deceived! Today it’s almost impossible to find something like that. Any bonus given to a player is required to be wagered. When it comes to a welcome bonus, the wagering conditions may be more loyal than for other types of bonuses, but not necessarily at all. Remember: A no wager no deposit casino bonus is a myth. Get a bonus without a deposit to your game account today is possible in rare cases, as part of promotions. But the wager will still be present on a mandatory basis. In this case, its rules can be quite strict. For example:

  1. The coefficient is at a high level – x50-x60;
  2. Wagering “gift” can only be on certain machines (their list offers the administration);
  3. Wagering is possible with serious time constraints (up to several hours).

Already these three points are enough to understand: an honest casino without deposit and without wager does not happen. You do not want to be deceived by cheaters? So don’t be fooled by advertisements promising you something like that.

So, the reality of modern gambling does not provide casino bonuses without wager. While playing video slots it is possible, but only within the prize rounds and nothing else. If you can not imagine your life without gambling entertainment, then follow the procedure as follows:

  • Choose a reliable licensed casino.
  • Carefully study the rules of the institution and decide whether you are willing to follow them exactly.
  • Replenish your game account and, after carefully reading the club’s provisions for bonuses, agree or disagree to receive them.
  • Find interesting video slots and play for free in the demo version.
  • Make a bet and have fun carefully, without fanaticism.
  • Wager the bonus and withdraw your winnings if you’ve taken part in the bonus program.


But if you want to make money, it’s better to use and create an online casino.