IAC2015 will have a Space Elevator Track

D4.3. Technology Assessment and Space Elevators Components The recently completed IAA study,  looked at engineering, operational, and funding steps towards an operational capability. This session will evaluate the current and near-term potential of the necessary technologies. They will be evaluated with respect to the NASA TRL’s and identify risks associated…. Read more“IAC2015 will have a Space Elevator Track”

Contamination created controversial ‘acid-induced’ stem cells

Stem cells that were claimed to be created simply by exposing ordinary cells to stress were probably derived from embryonic stem cells, according to the latest investigation into an ongoing scientific scandal. How that contamination occurred, however, remains an open question. The investigation was instigated by RIKEN, the Japanese research institution where… Read more“Contamination created controversial ‘acid-induced’ stem cells”


Each year, the Japan Space Elevator Association (JSEA)holds a Climber competition acronymed SPEC (SPace Elevator Challenge) and each year they get more and more ambitious in their goals.  This year they had a 1,200 m long tether held up by balloons.  Climbers are powered by batteries and scores are awarded… Read more“SPEC2014”

Weekend Walkabout – From shooting things into the sun to India to Canada…

This Weekend Walkabout continues to catch up on some things I didn’t blog about while I was taking my holiday break. We start off by hypothetically shooting things into the sun, then learn about the latest success from the Indian space program and wind up in Canada – learning about… Read more“Weekend Walkabout – From shooting things into the sun to India to Canada…”