For the past several months, Wikistrat has been working on building forecasts for the private space industry.  One of their scenarios has been projecting how a space elevator might come about.  In the opening words from their report: In February 2014, Wikistrat ran an internal simulation led by Bruce Wald,… Read more“SPACELIFT”

Gates Foundation announces world’s strongest policy on open access research

The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation has announced the world’s strongest policy in support of open research and open data. If strictly enforced, it would prevent Gates-funded researchers from publishing in well-known journals such as Nature and Science. On 20 November, the medical charity, based in Seattle, Washington, announced that… Read more“Gates Foundation announces world’s strongest policy on open access research”

To the Moon

Landing on the Moon by 2024 won’t be easy, but it’s not impossible. That’s an important distinction. It’s important to step back and recognize that the president of the United States stated that NASA should “use any means necessary” to achieve a rapid goal of returning to the Moon. This… Read more“To the Moon”