Stretched Martingale

This type of Martingale system is more promising, less expensive and at the same time more profitable than the basic version. Stretched Martingale is a system that can really make money without much effort, but it will take more time, which is how some casino players talk about it. Is it possible to get rich with the system? Let’s look into it.

Experienced players are aware of all the odds, and the newcomer should know that when playing for a number, the odds on this very number is 35 units (35 to 1). The meaning is simple: by betting $1 you win $35. This is what the system is built on. How does it work? You are about to find out. This type of Martingale, as strange as it may sound, is not based on doubling the bet after each win, and the bet is increased in stages. The coefficient of each number is 35, then the amount of money bet in one segment should not exceed this coefficient: each time the amount “rests on the ceiling”, a new segment should be made.

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  • Stretched Martingale is a less risky option, as we do not double the amount, but increase it step by step, unlike the basic one. If in the standard variant, we can easily run “at most”, losing hundreds or even thousands of dollars, then this option is designed for a greater perspective, and at least is more adequate. The basic option – a reckless gamble, stretched – an analytically calculated move.
  • Stretched variant is designed for much larger winning amounts: a striking example – by risking $20, you can win $15, while the basic variant involves an unreasonable risk of $500 for the sake of $5.
  • Stretched Martingale variant is less popular because it enjoys little popularity due to its more complex mechanism, although in fact it is simple, the main thing – think carefully. If the basic variant is already known to all: Online casinos have long developed a lot of things that prevent large winnings at Martingale, for example – the limit on the maximum bet. This option is less popular, but is still more effective than its previous brother.


The probability of falling out this or that number is small: and it is, because there are 37 different options, i.e., the chances of falling out the number – 1 

to 37, which is certainly disappointing. Let’s try to calculate how many moves it is possible to make before the amount reaches the table limit. The number must fall within 103 times, otherwise you can simply lose or you will have to follow other rules.

Drawing conclusions

The Stretched Martingale is more secure because it is possible to lose no more than $170 within the system; however, it is not recommended to use this variant either. 

  • The chances of this or that number falling out are small, and where would those lost $170 go? – A pity, but wagering them by $1 – a little boring, you agree! On the other hand – the system can be continued, but over time, the amount will increase markedly, which is not very happy. But even in that case, Stretch Martingale remains in priority, because up to the “ceiling bets” is still very far, and maybe you’ll be lucky.
  • This option is better than the basic Martingale. You can use a ready-made scheme, which is provided online: it is very helpful.
  • The game may not succeed, it all depends on luck.

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