When to use proxy, and when VPN

Many people have a question what is better, buy proxies or VPN. Let’s look at the advantages and disadvantages of the first and second options, after which you will choose the one that suits you. Despite the fact that the result of both technologies allows you to achieve the same goal – visiting banned sites, they have a number of differences.

What is the difference between VPN and proxy, and what are the advantages? To answer this question we consider the disadvantages and advantages of both a proxy server and VPN. Many people think what it is better to use to bypass blocking: vpn or proxy. Everyone will give the answer to this question himself, and we can only talk about the advantages and disadvantages of anonymizers. The problem with access to web resources is present in different countries. So, the system administrator blocks access to your favorite sites, videos, etc. and thanks to the anonymizer, you will easily bypass any restrictions and provide yourself with anonymity, chatting in chat rooms.

VPN is a series of private networks that exist as a full-featured program or browser extension

VPN works on the principle of full data encryption when you turn on the Internet. You can start using such a private network by downloading a third-party program or installing an extension in the browser. This is convenient, because the tabs can be opened in your favorite browser without unnecessary movements.

But, unfortunately, this type of lock bypass has some drawbacks:

  1. VPN is not free, and is usually expensive;
  2. There are failures during the loss of the Internet connection, because of what you need to turn off and re-enable the browser;
  3. If the Internet is weak, then the VPN will give out its “whims” (for example, it will turn off unexpectedly or refuse to turn on at all);
  4. Low connection speed and strong pressure on the Internet, which makes it slower to work;
  5. To find a good program you need to lose a lot of time.

A proxy server is an intermediate device between a laptop (or other technology) and an Internet resource. In order to bypass the blocking, the proxy server also changes the IP address, after which the geographical location of the device from which you are accessing the Internet changes

With proxy you can visit any country of the world (for example, here you can find the proxy of Canada https://proxy-seller.com/canadian-proxy).

Installing and configuring a proxy does not take much time and effort, because everything happens quickly and “painlessly.” The proxy server can be installed in the browser and on Windows. The second option will be more extensive, since the location changes at once in several browsers. The initial setting will be made even by a child, if you use some visual instruction with pictures.

When you connect first time, you can use a free proxy. But, of course, it doesn’t have that much speed and is poorly protected in comparison with the private one, which can lead to information loss. Therefore, it is recommended to use it temporarily.

Proxy servers that can be bought have many advantages:

  1. High speed of Internet connection (does not load when bypassing prohibitions);
  2. Customize for comfortable use;
  3. When you resume a lost Internet connection, you do not need to restart browsers for the proxy server to work again (as in the case of VPN);
  4. Perform any activity in an anonymous manner.

Of course, the proxy has its drawbacks, but fortunately they are not serious, which is why you can close your eyes to this:

  1. There is no data encryption, just a substitution of the location;
  2. If you chose a location at the other end of the world to connect to a banned site, then the connection will probably not be as fast in this case (for example, if it is the United States). But, you can ask for help in support, experts will select the necessary addresses for quick connection.