How to profitably bet in bookmakers?

Every day, millions of people play in the bookmakers of the world, working capital – billions, more than a hundred events for every taste. However, only a few regular players are in a constant plus. How to become successful, later in this article.

It would seem that there is nothing difficult to bet on a favorite with a good odds, for example, 1.40, earn on a bet in a bookmaker and make your profit. Especially if you play events with two outcomes (tennis, baseball, volleyball, etc.) But the favorites do not always win. Even very often they lose. The thing is that professional players depend not only on their skill. The motivation of the player / team for this particular match is important, the current form is today and many other small factors.

Tennis example

There are very good players who, it would seem, must pass the opponent in the same breath. But these players like to “play out”, that is, usually they give 1 set in a match until they get in shape, and already 2 and 3 sets win “on the lung”.

This is especially true for women tennis players. You are betting on such a match. However, the weather intervenes. The players spent 1 set and the match is interrupted due to rain for 40 minutes, or even more. After stopping, the favorite will go on to continue the match as at its beginning – he again needs a rally. And in such cases, the probability that he will lose the whole match is very high. You could not have foreseen this factor – the weather is unpredictable. The only thing you could: knowing such features of a favorite, not to bet on this match at all.

And this is just one example when events are not going as planned. It’s not worth talking about injuries at all: they are a rare occurrence, but even the “first racket of the world” can lose to the weakest player because of them. Therefore, when making a bet, consider these possible outcomes. And if 9 bets you went fine, then once, playing regularly at the bookmakers, you will come across a similar one. From here comes the first rule: manage your bank correctly, never play with all your money, even half the bank, no matter how super-reliable the rate may seem. Depending on your strategy, play from 1/5 to 1/20 of your working capital and then you definitely will not go broke.

Most players go broke because they bet a lot and one bet will go in, and the second will go into the red. This is excitement. The correct strategy of the game in the betting office and on other similar sites is to choose 1-2 out of 50 tennis matches of the day, but with a “golden outcome”. Let the coefficient be not the largest, not 2.00, but only 1.35-1.40, but you can give a 90% guarantee that your favorite will win the match. The remaining 10% is given to injuries, force majeure and just “drain” the player. Agree, out of 50 matches, choosing 1-2 reliable bets is quite realistic.

Although, in the analysis, it turns out that you seem to be 8-10 matches just a “sure thing”, and this is the mistake of most players: choosing all 8-10 matches they lose their money. Here you need to be able to curb your emotions and make the right choice. In addition, even if 1-2 bets chosen by you lose, you will not go broke, but will go to a small minus. Just because you bet 1/10 of your bank and 8/10 you are still on balance. Tomorrow 1/10 that you bet will be less than the size of the bet today. And those players who place all 8 bets, even 1/10 of the bank, calculate this part from today’s bank, not knowing the outcome of the remaining bets. And, in the end, they have only 20% on their balance sheet.

But these are the rules for managing your bank, which we will not talk about. This is where rule No. 2 comes from: do not make a lot of bets, curb yourself and put only 1-2, but the most probable. Yes, your estimated profit (winnings at the bookmaker) will be less than at 8-10 bets a day, but it will be stable and will never ruin you.

Good luck in betting on sports events at the bookmakers!